The Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979

From Psychedelic Experiments to Political Propaganda

Tobias Petterson



Xtra was a studio project by composers Björn Isfält and Lasse Dahlberg. The album is well produced and delivers orchestrated folk psych with much cello and flute. The songs are sung both in Swedish and English. A Leslie effect is used on some of the vocals and creates a somewhat demented feeling. Highlights include the fuzz guitar psychedelia of "Sounds Inside My Head" and the eastern sounding instrumental "Lola K". Also appearing on the album was cellist Staffan Hermansson and drummer Janne Bandel (Atlantic Ocean), who had previously worked with Isfält on his first film score, En Kärlekshistoria. Isfält also played on albums by the likes of Mikael Ramel, Saga and Nationalteatern. Dahlberg went on to work mainly with children's TV programmes, his most well-known song is probably the theme for "Bolibompa". Björn Isfält was firmly established as one of Sweden's leading film composers when he died of cancer in 1997.

1971Vatten / Kaffepannan (S)CBS 7084★★★3
1971Oh! 10-15CBS S64371★★★★★5
1971Sleep My Baby / Jag skulle vilja vara där du är (S)CBS 7472★★★3


The unconventional Tom Zacharias first recorded for MNW subsidiary Green Light in 1971. His first album, Är du ärlig är du härlig, featured him singing with his acoustic guitar as the only accompaniment. On Horar gör vi alla, he was backed by members of Telefon Paisa/Levande Livet, including guitarist Tommy Broman. It is a strange affair, thanks to Zacharias' weird Swedish lyrics and unconventional musical approach, with odd song titles like "Sugghorans försvarstal angående sitt personliga förhållande och relationer med en gammal pensionerad, rik galt" and the experimental "Amerikansk bombopera". Tom Zacharias was then contracted to record two infamous porn rock albums. Singing with him were female vocalists Esther Nordenbring (Tillsammans) and Suzie Heine (Hår), using the pseudonyms Vera Fräsch and Helen Bed, respectively. Also contributing were most of the people involved with his previous album. The result were the very daring dirty talk records Belinda and Belindas döttrar. They were recorded with both Swedish and English vocals, but only the Swedish versions were released. The albums were sold through ads in porn magazines. His next project was the children's album Alla vi barn, with notable tracks like "Kenta med hatten" and the acid-rock of "Matvraket". It featured backing from Janne Bandel (Atlantic Ocean), Per Bruun (Fläsket Brinner) and trusty sideman Tommy Broman. Not exactly your average children’s album, it did not manage to reach its intended audience, but it can be appreciated by anyone into his other work. As with most of his projects, it was produced by MNW founder Bo Anders Larsson (Scorpion). Tom Zacharias then recorded his magnum opus Till frukost with the help of around 50 people. It was released on his own label in 1984 but since then Zacharias has turned his attentions outside of music. In 2004 the Belinda albums were reissued on one CD by the Subliminal Sounds label, including previously unreleased English versions of some of the songs.

1971Josefin / Roller (S)Green Light S43★★★★★5
1973Är du ärlig är du härligGrammofonverket EFG-7339★★★3
1975Horar gör vi allaLjudspår EFG-5012121★★★3
1975BelindaSB LP-102★★★★★5
1975Belindas döttrarSB LP-103★★★★★★★7
1979Alla vi barnMudist MUD-501370★★★3


Malmö trio Zane was formed in 1976 and had a heavy space rock sound on their only single. The weird keyboard effects were added by producer Dan Tillberg (Änglabarn). After the single was released, Moreno Tondo moved over to guitar and Tommy Strömstedt joined on bass. His younger brother Per became the new bassist in the autumn of 1978 so Tommy could concentrate on lead vocals. They had one song, "Malmö City", included on the 1980 compilation Vykort från Malmö on the Amalthea label. Björn Persson later changed his last name to Barth and after a 24-year break the band is back together again.

1976Step Aside / Damage (S)MM MM103★★★★★★6


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This controversial folk singer's first album Visor i trotzåldern was recorded in 1966 together with fellow troubadours Staffan Atterhall and Bengt Sändh. His first solo album comprised of songs by Sweden native Joe Hill, who became an legendary folk singer after emigrating to the USA. Some of the songs were also released on two singles with Swedish lyrics by Rune Lindström - father of Pelle Lindström (Kebnekajse). Zetterholm's academic studies, relating to Swedish folk music, resulted in several albums. The first was the children's album Lillfar och Lillmor with Marie Selander. Then followed the Älskog album of traditional semi-erotic songs with Norwegian actress Grynet Molvig. The most successful of these albums was Folklår, a collection of filthy traditional tunes. It was recorded in 1977 with long-time collaborator Bengt Sändh and sold over 100 000 copies. That year also saw the release of Zetterholm's first entirely self-penned album, Längtans blåa elfefant, where he was backed by Mikael Wiehe Och Kabaréorkestern. He had previously also released Första maj, an album with Pierre Ström containing traditional worker's songs. Finn Zetterholm continues to record and has also written several books. The first, about the history of Swedish children's songs, was published already in 1969.

1969Joe Hill på svenska (Cardboard sleeve)!ntersound ISOLP 100-S★★2
1970Lillfar och Lillmor *SR Records SR-70-LPS-1101★★2
1971Casey Jones / Tag inte ifrån mig min fader (S)!ntersound IS14★1
1971Luffaren / Låt oss sjunga (S)!ntersound IS15★1
1973Första maj **YTF EFG-7222★1
1974Älskog ***YTF EFG-501 6 061★1
1977Längtans blåa elefant ****YTF 50183★1
Titles up to 1977. Titles with Bengt Sändh not included in this discography.
* with Marie Selander
** with Pierre Ström
*** with Grynet Molvig
**** with Kabaréorkestern


This band was formed out of the remnants of Members Blues Band in early 1968. Their only single was recorded in Oslo and featured psychedelic versions of songs by Traffic and The Beatles. Fred Heilman went on to join Kvartetten Som Sprängde, while Uffe Åhman later teamed up with guitarist Clas Yngström (Soffgruppen) in the Hendrix-style power trio Sky High. Englishman Terry Taylor was a member of UK bands The End and Tucky Buzzard and now plays with Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings.

1968Coloured Rain / Ticket To Ride (S) (Norwegian release)RCA NA1334★★★★★★★7