The Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979

From Psychedelic Experiments to Political Propaganda

Tobias Petterson



The members of Underground Failure were friends of the band Malaria, that had privately released an album. Underground Failure thought it would be cool to do the same. The album was recorded between 1968 and 1971, mostly at future radio personality Stefan Wermelin's apartment. It contained self-penned acoustic numbers with English lyrics and the sound is decidedly lo-fi. Two tracks, "Why Oh Why" and "How Unpleasant To Meet Mr Eliot" are slightly psychedelic and both feature fuzz-guitar played by John Holm. The first pressing of 100 copies came out in 1971 on the Black Light label. The artwork was pasted on blank covers and has a picture of musicians taken from an old Russian postcard. A reissue of 70 copies was released in 1974, with a white paste-on sleeve. Tenmann and Wermelin went on to start the Tibet-46 label, which released the solo début of Holm and also that of guitarist Rolf Wikström, who had guested on two tracks on Underground Failure. Tibet-46 then evolved into noted Movement label Musiklaget. Lasse Ermalm went on to become one of Sweden's leading designers of artwork for record sleeves.

1971Underground FailureBlack Light GS1002★★★★★★★★8
1974Underground Failure (Reissue with different cover)Musiklaget MLLP-2★★★★★★★7



Members uncredited

This was the youth choir of the Stockholm branch of communist party VPK. The EP was recorded in the summer of 1973 together with members of their Gothenburg counterpart, Röda Kapellet.

1973Unga Gardet / Röda Kapellet * (EP)Arbetarkultur AKEP01★★2
* split EP with Röda Kapellet



This hard rock band was formed in 1970. Their sought-after single has Swedish-language lyrics and sounds similar to November. Gunnar Hallin joined after the single was recorded. He was later in hard rock band Neon Rose along with Thomas Wiklund. Johan Wallin went on to play with Pugh while Dante Holmberg joined pop star Magnus Uggla's backing band Strix Q.

1971Jag hatar politik / Jag färdas (S)Efel SEF45★★★★★★★7