The Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979

From Psychedelic Experiments to Political Propaganda

Tobias Petterson



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Alter completing his studies at the Royal Academy of Music, Björn J:son Lindh joined the bands Atlantic Ocean and Jason's Fleece, initially known as Sam-Hawkey-J:son. His early solo efforts are quite intriguing and veers in many directions, with his characteristic flute being the inimitable element. On the first album he played flute only, with the keyboards handled by Bobo Stensson (Fläsket Brinner). Other musicians included Kenny Håkansson, Jojje Wadenius, and Rune Carlsson (Kvartetten Som Sprängde) as well as the tabla work of old bandmate Janne Bandel. The very ambitious twenty-one minute track "Musik från en storstad" from Från storstad till grodspad earned J:son Lindh second prize at Triumph Variéte in Monte Carlo in 1971. His albums became increasingly more funky and slick as the decade wore on, but there was always a few tracks in a more experimental vein included on each album - often with an Indian touch. Björn J:son Lindh was for a long time one of the busiest musicians and arrangers on the Swedish studio scene and is still very much active. In the eye of the public he is probably mostly recognized from his many collaborations with guitarist Janne Schaffer, beginning with Cous Cous in 1972.

1970Jag vill ha en lessen häst / Axelsson* (S)Mercury 6062 008★★★3
1971RamadanMetronome MLP 15414★★2
1971Ramadan** (US release)Metronome DIX 3000★★★3
1971Från storstad till grodspadSR Records RELP 1135★★★★★5
1972Cous CousMetronome MLP 15450★★2
1972Cous Cous** (US release)Metronome DIX 3001★★★3
1973SisselMetronome MLP 15506★★2
1973Sissel (US release)Metronome DIX 3002★★★3
1974Boogie WoogieMetronome MLP 15547★★2
1974Second Carnevat** (US release of Boogie Woogie)JAS Records JAS-4000★★★3
1974Goodtime Charlie's Got The Blues / Goodtime Charlie's Got The Blues** (US release)Metronome 201★★★3
1976RaggieMetronome MLP 15597★1
1976Jayson Lindh** (UK release of Raggie)Atlantic K 50337★★★3
1976Aria / The Pond (S)Metronome J 27183★1
1978Bike Voyage IISonet SLP2619★1
Titles up to 1979
* as Sam-Hawkey-J:son ** as Jayson Lindh


After being rejected by The Beatles' label Apple and passing an offer from John Peel's Dandelion label during an eventful trip to England, this little-known Malmö trio eventually signed with Åke Gerhard's fading Olga label, once the home of The Hep Stars. The music of Jai Guru Dev is pop psychedelia with plenty of fuzz guitars and a basement feel to it. They also recorded a schlager single for Olga as Firma Winax. Christer Follin later fronted Malmö power pop band Florida Fun.

1970Wake Up Lazy River / Moon Holiday (S)Olga SO120★★★3
1971You Take A Ride / Get Older (S)Olga SO122★★★3
1971Vote For Me / Take A Long, Take A High (S)Olga SO123★★★3


Jacob Sjöholm (Träd, Gräs Och Stenar) led this band along with his wife Titti. It also included prominent musicians like Richard Rolf (November), Sigge Krantz (Stockholm Norra), Lage Bergström (Eld-kvarn) and Per Bruun (Fläsket Brinner). The latter joined after the single was released. Sven Meurell was previously lead singer with 60's band The Cads, which also included bassist Nicke Ström (Nynningen).

1979Tårarna / Linda (S)MNW 54-S★1


Curt Jalmo was the lead singer of 60's band Lay Abouts. After publishing a book of poetry for Bonniers in 1970, he recorded this solo album with a huge cast of session musicians. Half of the album is fairly normal Swedish-language soft rock with some progressive moves. The other half features Jalmo's spoken word performances of strange poems over background music, covering a variety of styles. The most interesting piece is "Jim Morrison", which features wild improvised progressive music by Jukka Tolonen (guitar), Stefan Brolund (bass) and Frank Andersson (drums). The weirdness of these poems has given the album cult status among exotica collectors.

1972Ängel med krossade höfterSonet SLP2531★★★★★5


Singer/songwriter James Hollingworth had previously released two Bob Dylan-style 45's before teaming up with Blond for the fuzz-induced "Persson är lös". Hollingworth released several more records during the 70's, including the classic children's album, Barnlåtar, together with Karin Ljungman. He is still active.

1969Vein, var och när / Persson är lös (S)CBS 4628★★★★4
Discography shows only his third release.


Björn J:son Lindh and Hawkey Franzén met in jail whilst serving time for refusing to do mandatory military service. There they wrote Franzen's album, Visa från Djupvik, and once free decided to form a band with some of the members from the remnants of J:son Lindh's former group Atlantic Ocean. The first single was actually credited as Sam-Hawkey-J:son. Both songs were re-recorded in English for their album, which featured three different bass players. Jojje Wadenius (Made In Sweden) played on most tracks but also made room for American jazz bassist Red Mitchell and former pop star Göran Lagerberg (Tages). The passionate music displays highly competent musicianship with soul, funk and progressive rock influences. When Jason's Fleece broke up in 1971 J:son Lindh, Franzén and Sam Ellison all went solo.

1970Jag vill ha en lessen häst / Axelsson* (S)Mercury 6062 008★★★3
1970Jason's FleeceMercury 6363 002★★★★★5
1970Confession / Rusty (S)Mercury 6062 015★★★★4
* as Sam Hawkey J:son


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Members uncredited

Little is known about this secret group from Lund other than one of the members is strongly rumoured to be radio personality Kalle Oldby. Members of Underground Failure guested on the album, which was released on their Musiklaget label. The witty Swedish lyrics front a folk sound in the vein of Anna Koka Fein Ägg Jag Är Värd I Huset and Love Explosion with a touch of the excentricity of fellow secret group Philemon Arthur & The Dung.

1975Kaffesump och kärlekMusiklaget MLLP-5★★★3


Members uncredited

The Junk's & The Angels' single is psychedelic folk featuring a haunting choir and English-language spoken word. The songs are credited to Jonsson and Lövgren, probably the male members of the group.

1970The Message / Midnight Junk (S)Efel SE19★★★★★5



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Järngustav came from Gävle and began playing together in January 1977. The band performed live mostly around Uppsala and Gävle and the self-financed album was sold at gigs and to friends. Only a few hundred copies of the album were pressed and has been a collector's item for many years. The A-side delivers straightforward rock inspired by the Rolling Stones, but with Swedish-language lyrics. The B-side consists of the twenty-minute progressive title track featuring strong guitar leads. Järngustav disbanded in 1979 when members of the band had to report for mandatory military service.

1978Tiden läker inga sårNackspärr NS01★★★★★★★7



This was music from the feminist play "Jösses Flickor", written by Margareta Garpe and Suzanne Osten with music by Gunnar Edander. The trio was also responsible for the classic Sånger Om Kvinnor project and Jösses flickor - befrielsen är nära sold even better. Osten and Edander were previously members of Fickteatern. Ewa Fröling and Louise Reader are both well-established actresses. Among the backing musicians we find Mike Watson (Lee Kings, Marsfolket).

1974Befrielsen är nära / När jag går i grauen (S)Ljudspår EFG-1012116★★2
1975Jösses flickor - befrielsen är näraYTF 50190★★2