The Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979

From Psychedelic Experiments to Political Propaganda

Tobias Petterson



This is Vildkaktus operating under a new name for their fourth album. The music was now full-on instrumental jazz-rock. New drummer "Island" Östlund had previously been in the legendary Icelandic 60's freakbeat band Thor's Hammer and moved to Sweden in 1969. In 1980 Gösta Nilsson and Tommy Johnsson released a second Ibis album, Sabba Abbas mandlar, featuring new members Ernryd, Epstein and Hellberg. The music had changed to pure jazz mostly played on acoustic instruments, bar one fusion track.

1974IbisGrammofonverket EFG-5015108★★★★★★6


In 1967 Bo Anders Persson, a 30 year-old student at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, formed the pioneering Pärson Sound with fellow music students Arne Ericsson and Torbjörn Abelli alongside poet Thomas Tidholm. The intention was to combine the music of American minimalist composer Terry Riley with that of the Rolling Stones. They were soon joined by drummer Thomas Mera Gartz of Mecki Mark Men. In May 1968 the band changed its name to International Harvester. Their first album is an adventurous effort with soft, haunting ballads and roaming excursions into the wild unknown. A wide variety of instruments and primitive effects are utilized and two tracks exceed ten minutes. All in all, Sov gott Rose-Marie is one of the most important releases of the Movement. With the band name shortened to Harvester, Hemåt was released in August 1969 and the trademark repetitive droning is now even more prevalent. Guesting on the album was Kjell Westling on violin. Thomas Tidholm and Urban Yman (who was also in Gunder Hägg) then both left the band while the others changed their name, yet again, in the spring of 1970 - this time to Träd, Gräs och Stenar. This year also saw the release of Persson's 1967 composition "Proteinimperialism" on the prestigious German label for contemporary classical music, Wergo. Both Sov gott Rose-Marie and Hemät have been re-issued on CD by Silence as well as an archive collection of 1967-68 material by Parson Sound, released on the Ti'llindien label.

1968Sov gott, Rose-MarieLove LRLP1005★★★★★★★★8
1969Hemåt*Decibel DRS3701★★★★★★★7
* as Harvester


Lenin's Russian communist paper was called Iskra [Spark] and was the inspiration for this band's name. Their ambitious instrumental début two LP set is mostly wild improvisational jazz that sports a great version of the traditional Italian folk song "Avanti Popolo". Allan Olsson and Sune Spångberg were former members of G.L.Unit, while Jörgen Adolfsson and Tuomo Haapala was also in Vargavinter. Olsson left after the second album and by the time of the fourth, 1983's Fantasies, the group was back to a quintet with addition of Tommy Adolfsson, who had previously played with Jörgen Adolfsson in Archimedes Badkar.

1975IskraCaprice CAP 2006★★★★★5
1977AllemansrättEtt minne för livet MILP-002★★★★4
1979BesvärjelserEtt minne för livet MILP-004★★★★4
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